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Spatiotemporal Bayesian Network Models for Malaria Prediction

This project involves development of spatio-temporal Bayesian networks to effectively integrate crowd-sensed and authority-sensed data concerning infectious disease. The techniques promise to help provide rapid and reliable outbreak detection, prediction, and evaluation of control strategies. Initial focus of our work has been on malaria which continues to pose a serious public health threat in tropical countries such as Thailand and its neighbors, particularly in remote areas. Work on dengue is planned in the near future.

Mobile4D: A Disaster Alerting and Management System based on Smartphones

In case of natural disasters such as floods, draughts, and animal diseases, a fast and secure flow of information is essential to be able to cope with the situation. mobile4D is a disaster information and alerting system based on smartphone technology to allow both for timely notification of affected stakeholders and easy and barrier-free crowdsourcing of disaster information on the local level.

PRAM KSN - The PRAM Knowledge Sharing Network

PRAM KSN is a collaborative WWW based platform to bring together local actors, in particular district level extension officers in Laos, in on common virtual place where people can communicate in their own language. It is designed to empower stakeholders at the local level with the tools and knowledge necessary to reduce poverty in their districts.

mapIT: Barrier-free Micro-mapping of Small Geographic Objects

mapIT enables mapping of small geographic features on ground level with high geometric accuracy with common smartphone technology. It offers an intuitive workflow that allows to capture a geo-object with just a few simple interactions with the mobile device. It is suitable for being used by people with minor technical skills and without experience in geo-data retrieval and annotation.

Data4All: Crowdsourcing Volunteered Geographic Information Mapping

Data4All is Volunteered Geographic Information collaborative mapping project. Data4All is Bachelor project aims to contribute information to OpenStreetMap (OSM) project. It is an Android based mobile editor for voluntary collection of geographic information.

WellComm - A Communication Hub for Remote Areas

Communication in remote rural areas of developing countries can be difficult: although network coverage is available in many places, there is often no electricity to run or charge phones or computers. It is not only inconvenient for the people living in these areas, it is also problematic when people need to be informed by governmental administrative units about situations.

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