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PRAM KSN - The PRAM Knowledge Sharing Network

The PRAM Knowledge Sharing Network

The PRAM Knowledge Sharing Network (PRAM KSN) is joint effort of the Capacity Lab, the Wetland Alliance, Corin Asia, and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF) in Laos to support agricultural extension work. It directly embeds into the successful MAF-owned educational PRAM Program that is designed to empower government officials at the local level with the tools necessary to reduce poverty in their districts.

PRAM KSN is a collaborative WWW based platform to bring together local actors, in particular district level extension officers, in on common virtual place where people can communicate in their own language. The first version of the platform concentrates on the two most urgently needed components (information aggregation and communication facilities) in order to have a system that can be used early in a productive manner. While usage is proceeding, further components (e.g., disaster notifications or assisted retrieval of geographic data) will be added. A particular research focus is put on personalized solutions such that the system can adapt to a particular user’s needs: may it be an extension officer or a government administrator, in the field on a mobile phone or in the office on a desktop, seeking for or providing qualitative or quantitative data - if everyone can retrieve or contribute exactly the information he/she needs on the level of abstraction suitable for the particular task, then an ICT solution can foster mobile knowledge exchange to become a sustainable community effort for poverty reduction.

Grassroots Design Process

This platform is being designed to fulfill the requirements of the people involved from the very beginning of the software design process by directly involving them in the design process. In a workshop series that brought together extension officers, government representatives, local IT experts, and institutional development workers, the main requirements and wishes have been collected, prioritized, and integrated into an initial software design with use cases that will lead to an early prototype to be brought to the targeted users for assessment and evaluation.

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