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Data4All: Crowdsourcing Volunteered Geographic Information Mapping

Availability of geographic data plays a crucial role in various daily life applications. Finding way to a destination, planning a trip, predicting the weather, disaster management, and resource allocation are examples of activities and applications that required geographic data availability. On the other hand, geographic data collection is not a trivial task. Previously, geographic data was exclusively collected under the authority of national mapping agencies, governmental institutes, and big organizations. However, advanced information and communication technology empowers the public to participate in the process of geographic data collection. Data4All is a crowdsourcing geographic data collect project. Data4all is a Bachelor student project at the University of Bremen. The project is carried out under support of CapacityLab. The project aims to develop an easy to use and efficient mobile application to facilitate geographic data collection. The project acts as an editor for the project of OpenStreetMap (OSM). OSM is the most prominent collaborative mapping project. OSM aims to develop a global digital map that is accessible and obtainable to everyone. The motto of Data4all is “What You See Is What You Map”.

Data4All is an OpenSource project that allows everyone to participate in developing it on Github. The project target functionalities are:

  • Take photos and trace everything you want to map on them
  • Save photos in the gallery and edit them afterwards
  • Augmented Reality to show objects
  • Create and edit new Nodes and Ways, Areas and Buildings
  • Move, rotate and scale Objects
  • Create, edit and delete Tags
  • Add Tags via speech
  • Over 200 predefined Tags
  • Login and Upload to OSM-Server
  • Record and Upload of GPS-Tracks
  • Currently available in English, German, and French

The project can be download from Google Play Store

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