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Capacity Lab News Archive

Installation and Training of first PRAM KSN Prototype

Capacity Lab members visited the field in Laos to install computers, deploy the software, and train the district officers in the use of the PRAM Knowledge Sharing Network (PRAM KSN) website.

Computers hand-over to support the PRAM Knowledge Sharing Network in Laos

At the beginning of 2012, members of the Capacity Lab from the University of Bremen and UNU-IIST visited Lao PDR again to further the collaborative effort between the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, the Wetlands Alliance Program, UNU-IIST and the University of Bremen.

PRAM KSN Project starts with Participatory Design Workshops in Laos

A series of field consultations culminating in a participatory design workshop were held in Laos from August 30, 2011 to September 5, 2011 to initiate the design of the PRAM (Poverty Reduction and Agriculture Management) Knowledge Network platform (PRAM KSN).

Capacity Lab Event at UN in New York

On May 27, 2011, Peter Haddawy, Director of UNU-IIST, and Christian Freksa, chair of the Cognitive Systems group at the University of Bremen, along with Sousath Sayakoummane, Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Lao People's Democratic Republic, spoke on ICT-enabled education for poverty reduction in Lao PDR at the U


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